Top Chess Players in the World

The greatest think-tanks in the world have time for play indeed. Chess is said to be the game for the great minds because this board game entails a lot of focus and strategy to outwit the opponent make the best out of every calculated move. The chess arena has its own entourage of the most-coveted royalties that wowed the world for years with their wit, mind mastery, strategy, and even dashing good looks. Here are the top 2 Chess Players in the World.

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

He is not hailed as the 6th undisputed World Chess Champion and Norwegian Chess Grandmaster for nothing. The “Mozart of Chess” a young breed at 25; currently holds the highest rating at 2882 which also makes him the number 1 ranked player in the world. He has been holding the number 1 spot since 2010. Did you know that this Matt Damon lookalike locked in a spot as one of the sexiest man of 2013 for Cosmopolitan? He really is not your average World Chess Champion. He may be pushy, stubborn, lazy, and easily gets bored – yes imperfect and very human; but Magnus’ spirit and mindset is what makes him lead and ace every tournament. He is an intuitive player and knows chess like the beating of his own heart. He is more into speed chess or “playing with the hand”. He first played chess professionally at the age 8, mentored by his own dad who was also into chess at that time. He has an exceptional memory even as a child – this is precisely why he was cut out to be a chess champion.


A very intimidating player indeed without even trying, he lashes out an incredulous pressure on his opponent with his relaxed and daunting demeanor on the table. He has beaten some icons of chess – that fact alone is very nerve-wracking. His unscrupulous grin, childlike demeanor, love for his family, cold brilliance, mental toughness, and sincerity makes him one of the most well-adored and credible names in the chess industry. His winning streak is not by accident or pure luck – He was born to dominate chess while his sisters (his lucky charms as he puts it) keep him grounded.  Magnus Carlsen is certainly a household name and a trustworthy brand – ask Microsoft.

Grandmaster Garry Kasparov

He is an icon of chess – the best of his time at a rating of 2851. The Russian former World Chess Champion is a jack of all trades as he is also a famous celebrity, author, and a political activist engaged in varied humanitarian conquests. He multitasks pretty well while keeping his eye on the chess board. He also runs his own Kasparov Chess Foundation which aims to expand chess in classrooms worldwide. This 52-year-old Russian Chess Grandmaster has been a top-rated chess player for 20 long years (from 1984 to 2005). He declared his retirement from competitive chess on March 11, 2005. He is now mentoring Magnus Carlsen. The “Brain of the Year” awardee by Brain Club & Synapsia is certainly a multi-faceted personality. His contagious laugh, curiosity, humanitarian drive, passion for politics, kindness, and knack for writing and public speaking made him the greatest chess player of all time. He has not just won 10 years in a row at the Linares Super Tournament but has also captivated minds and hearts with how he amplifies chess as a way of life or as his famous book puts it – “How Life Imitates Chess”.


The cerebral game of chess is certainly not for everyone. Only the greatest minds can decipher the movements and jagged tricks of the chess board game – or is this an accurate assumption? Is there a secret formula to succeed in chess and be like Carlsen and Kasparov? The younger generation seems to have a palpable edge in terms of playing chess as both these players started young.

Chess can be a very intimidating sport not just for the amateurs – but even the pros get momentary jitters that keeps them pumped up during the game. It could be the chess board or your own neurons playing tricks on you but the world’s best chess players would certainly attest that this presumably sport for the demi-gods is a game that can train your kids to put the fun back in the game while keeping your mental intuition amplified.