How to be a Better Chess Player

Getting ahead in the game of chess is not an easy feat. The world’s most prized chess champions like Magnus Carlsen has dedicated years of research, practice, and tournaments to get to the number one spot. Getting into the Grandmaster category is what every chess player is aiming for; but you have to be patient with the ladder. You must go through every step from Class C to get to the Grandmaster range which has a rating of 2600 and above. Magnus Carlsen with its current rating of 2876 makes people realize that this is fairly doable for a human – but it takes a lot of work.

If you want to be better at chess, you must aim realistically high and take the leap. Work on your numbers by focusing on the little bit of details that make up a champion. Remember that there are no known shortcuts to success. Here are the tips and tricks on how to be a better chess player:

  • Knows the basics and jargons of the game. While doing research can be tasking as compared to just playing it, this is absolutely necessary if you are dead-serious on becoming a world chess champion. Don’t be a slacker and read on the basic and up-to-date winning techniques. Also, know and understand chess jargon and so as the relevance of pieces, theories, openings, and variations needed to ace the game. Knowing the basics and how the game is played (rules and all) will help you play better in every round. You will definitely get the hang of it and move with the tempo as you learn from one game to another.
  • Play with different people of all categories. You can learn from virtually anyone who plays chess. The variations in styles and timing would certainly give you the training on how to strategically move your pieces. You also pick up some pointers or tricks from opponents which you can improve on in your game. A variety in playing portfolio also diversifies your chess experience. You can learn from both good and bad players as you are able to see and recognize more chess movement patterns.
  • Practice is the key. You can play alone or with your coach. The key is to make it a routine and to practice like a pro would. Follow a schedule and make sure you strike a balance between chess games and the rest of your life to avoid feeling burned out in the process. Practice definitely makes a better chess player – so make it a habit.
  • Review your own games. If you happen to be playing in chess tournaments or even at home with your coach, videotaping your games would be a great aid for improving your strategies. Review your games and take note of what you have done right and what you can improve on for the next chess sessions. You sure are your best critic, so learn from your blunders and work on becoming better at your game.
  • Do a lifestyle check. Eat healthy, get lots of sleep, be active and exercise, as well as avoid the bad stuff like drinking alcoholic beverages or cigarette smoking. You can sleep better with the use of a humidifier which is perfect for the winter cold months to combat the dry air that wreaks havoc to your health. Lifestyle modification is needed if you want to be better in the game of chess. If you think you want to look into a humidifier, check out this list of best humidifiers.
  • Discover and maintain new moves. The best chess players have their own famous chess moves. You must innovate with your own moves while also learning from the pros. Watch videos of chess icons and see how you can create your own distinct pattern.

The key to becoming a better chess player lies on no one else but in you. You have to work and train hard. While this may be a cliché, it still is the blueprint of success in chess. Having the drive and hunger to make it to the top ranks will ultimately get you there given the right mindset and a lot of practice. You have to take it one match at a time and learn the ropes while you can especially from the pro. Think like a newbie but play like a Grandmaster – that is how you become better at chess.