15 Summers Ago – Best Birthday Presents Ever!

It was like 15 summers ago, at my 13th birthday, and still I can’t help but smile at the thought of how that was made memorable by my mom and dad who showered me with not just presents but a lot of love and attention.

The morning of my birthday, I woke up bubbly because I just turned 13 and it is the jumpstart of my teen dream. I went downstairs with utter excitement only to discover that I was all alone on my birthday– yeah that Home Alone-flick-type of feeling. Of all days to be alone, they chose to desert me at this hour. Mom and dad left the house and left me no breakfast (which was the first time in history) and I had to fix my own pancake with bacon and eggs (my favorite). Good thing, I can cook. (I chuckled) I thought there was something fishy going on but I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

It was a weekend, so I just stayed at home and decided to kill time with a book and some munchies. I was startled when my mom, dad, sister, and best friends jumped into my bedroom door with a surprise birthday cake and balloons. I was bellowing in tears and hugged my parents to my surprise and delight. “I thought you guys forgot about my big day!”. Dad whispered “How could I forget this special day baby?” He hugged me tighter. We feasted on my favorite birthday treats like spaghetti, hotdogs and mallows on a stick, blueberry cheesecake, and a whole lot more mouth-watering picks.

We then opened presents. Dad gave me a rectangular shaped gift and I excitedly tore off the wrappers – it revealed a chess set! I have always wanted one of my own (because dad has his own chess set) so this was like a dream come true for a chess whiz like me. I gave dad a quick peck on the cheek and showed off my chess set to Cassidy and Dianne, my best friends. Next gift is up – it was a Stearns Infant Life Jacket. I shrieked with surprise, my best friends told me it’s supposed to be a prank. “I’d place my baby doll in here when we go out to swim”.

I opened another gift and it revealed a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book. For a book nerd, this is a sight for sore eyes. I had a crush on Harry Potter back in the days so this was a treat! Dad eased me into the entertainment room and showed me the grand finale of surprises – a Warrior Foosball table. Being a dad’s girl, I have always loved soccer so we watch soccer and foosball tournaments or I would tag along as he plays foosball with friends. So, finally we’ll be able to play foosball at any time we want right at home.

Looking forward, I would want to give my kids the same gifts when they reach the age of 13 alongside their wish list. My 13th birthday was certainly a blast! It was not at all about the gifts alone (although I had the best present back then); but it was about the entire family and my friends teaming up to give me this amazing memory around 15 summers ago.